Youth Pregnancy Course

Preparing Expectant Nunavummiut for Motherhood

Through this online course developed specifically for young, pregnant Nunavummiut, expectant mothers and their partners will learn many aspects of both traditional and modern pregnancy. By the end of these seven modules, you will have all of the knowledge needed to get through your pregnancy and deliver a beautiful baby! Work through each module at your own pace and connect with your instructor if you have any questions!

Course Progress

Course Contents

So You Are Pregnant, Eh?

What? Birth Doesn’t Need to Be Scary?!

Wow! Traditional Midwives Really Knew What They Were Talking About!

I’m Feeling Everything! What’s That For?!

So THAT’s Where the Milk Comes From!

Huh?! I Thought There Were Only 3 Trimesters!

Birth of a Parent

Course Instructor

Rhoda & Megan Rhoda & Megan Instructors

Megan, a certified Doula born and raised in Nunavut, and Rhoda, an elder with many years of birthing assistance as well as a wealth of traditional birthing knowledge, are both passionate about all things perinatal! They want your pregnancy to be as positive of an experience as possible and believe knowledge is the key to ensuring this happens!

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